The Big Picture backed by realistic data

The Challenge: Live Chat is not easy, it takes an attentive, well trained Chat Expert to sense when to engage, how fast, how formal, and aim for a lasting relationship. Feelings get hurt online. Or your new customer can’t wait to spread the news about how easy it was to use your services-and they won’t return to long phone calls on hold, or even email for answers from your team.

Engage: Imagine your Chat people, intercepting, engaging, tracking, interacting and keeping a Prospect moving up the Sales Ladder. Knowing the buy signals in Live Chat is very different than a live conversation.

The Data: Its proven a web visitor visits first, leaves, on the return they ask those key purchase questions. An instant, live non robotic answer is a return on your marketing dollars. Using Olark Live Chat you have a discrete chat box that is world class.

The Solution: Today’s nanosecond sales environment requires a clear sales strategy to take a Web to Lead form, decide in seconds whether to call, email or chat if they are still on your site. Could be a 4 minute callback, a 20 minute chat, or 3-20 touches over a year. That decision times hundreds can sink your best marketing budget. Or you can lower your employee costs, work remotely and learn the preferences of who is visiting your site, and grow your loyal database.

The Pitch: So start talking with your engaged site traffic, then relax…and quit answering the phone like it’s 1999.